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Registering your mobile phone and gadgets


Devices are automatically covered but registering the device will help us to administer your policy more effectively. To register your devices please click the relevant button below.

Information you'll need to register a phone:

  • Mobile number
  • Phone's make and model Tooltip
  • Which network you use
  • IMEI number Tooltip
  • Contract type (contract or pay as you go)

Information you'll need to register a gadget:

  • Gadget's type, make and model
  • Serial number Tooltip
  • Purchase date
  • Purchase price

You can register your phone and gadget details 24 hours a day online:

Barclays phone and gadget registration app

Try our Phone and Gadget App for:

Android Users search for Barclays Cover on your device app store

Apple Users - we are sorry the app is currently unavailable due to maintenance work