Helpful information

Safety Tips


As part of the cover provided, we expect you to take good care of your mobile phone and gadgets but we understand that sometimes the ability to keep such items safe will vary depending on where you are and what you are doing e.g. it won’t always be possible to lock the items away. However we do ask that you take all the precautions possible to protect your phones and gadgets, which includes:

  • Not knowingly leaving your mobile phone or gadget somewhere it is likely to be lost, stolen or damaged, just think would you leave your wallet or purse there?
  • If you need to leave your item somewhere then we expect you to lock it away out of sight if at all possible. If you cannot lock it away then you must leave it with someone you trust or concealed out of sight in a safe place.
  • Making reasonable enquiries to find your phone if you think you have lost it.

Behaviour which clearly increases the risk of the phone and gadgets being lost, stolen or damaged may result in your claim being declined. If you do have to leave your items unattended you should make every effort to reduce the risk of them being lost or stolen. For example, you may not be covered if you:

  • leave your item somewhere you can’t see it but others can
  • leave your item on display in your car
  • leave your item in the care of someone you don’t know well
  • leave your item on a bench in the changing rooms of a gym rather than taking it with you or locking it in a locker
  • leave your item on the table in a cafe when you go to pick up your drink instead of taking it with you
  • intentionally damage your item

Activate the lock screen security function on your phone

This could be a 4-digit PIN or pattern which needs to be entered each time the phone is switched on or goes onto standby. This will then help to prevent anyone else from using the phone if it is lost or stolen. Please refer to your handset instructions on how to activate this function.

Make a note of your phone IMEI number and gadget serial numbers

You will need to provide these when making a claim. They usually can be found on the paperwork you received when you purchased the device such as a till receipt or despatch note. You can also find your phone’s IMEI number by entering *#06# on the keypad and the 15/16 digit number will be displayed on screen.

Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date

Although your policies do not provide cover for any fraudulent use, we recommend that all anti-virus software for your devices is installed, activated and up-to-date.